Ok, why?


A Worthy Cause is a vast studio of one.

The studio's small size is its greatest strength. Every client and every project gets the highest attention and full dedication & focus.

Down to brass tacks - you won't be paying to cover the overheads of a large team.

Working as a Team

Commissioning A Worthy Cause means bringing an experienced & dedicated design and strategy professional into your team structure. You won't be sending your project out to get passed around an external team.

A Worthy Cause projects are not bean counting exercises, there won't be clock watching and cost counting on every request. We will work together closely to get things done.

All design work goes through a process of refinement from initial concept sketches


Your project will benefit from my 20 years experience in design. You will get to leverage the tried and tested network of suppliers I work with. A small core of specialist service providers which A Worthy Cause recommendsfor any job, will have proven reliability time and again over decades.

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