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Since 2002.

A Worthy Cause is a full service graphic design consultancy / studio run by Ronan McDonnell in Marino, Dublin 3.

The studio is 20 years old. It has grown and developed through various guises, always increasing capabilities.

A Worthy Cause? Why?

Making things has always been a habit, a compulsion.

The studio arose from this love of making things. So when getting official and registering as a business, the name A Worthy Cause became a note-to-self that this need to create had become an economic concern that had to pay its way.

Early Days

A Worthy Cause was first registered as a business in 2002. It was created as an outlet for more varied creative work by Ronan McDonnell, away from the day to day running of Claw editorial design studio.

A Worthy Cause's output at that time consisted of collaborations with makers, screenprinted t-shirts and art pieces. The t-shirts were sold in Dublin and throughout Ireland particularly within the the BMX and mountainbike communities. The work all had a strong DIY ethic, nothing was too serious and everything wa made from scratch- the screenprinting rig was completely hand built in timber from the acid bath to the press.

Before 2011

Claw closed in 2006, splitting between Ronan McDonnell, now trading as A Worthy Cause, and Ollie O'Neill. A number of clients chose to work with A Worthy Cause, the largest of which was Mongrel magazine, allowing the studio continue as a secondary concern.

At this time Ronan McDonnell was also part of Baseline, a design company based on Mountjoy Square who worked with large corporates, construction and government agencies.

Absolutely Wicklow Irish craft brand design

From 2011

In 2011 Baseline closed and A Worthy Cause was restarted as a full service graphic design studio. The majority of the studio’s design practice is in brand management and corporate communication, with work also produced in promoting the arts and national heritage.

This background means A Worthy Cause offers the experience and skills of working on projects for large corporates and government agencies combined with the fine attention to detail and realistic economy required for working in the arts, hospitality and publishing sectors. The result is a full studio capability with the lower costs associated with small enterprise.

Where required A Worthy Cause has a network of suppliers and supplementary service providers who can be called on - programmers, web hosts, printers, signmakers, illustrators, calligraphers and photographers.

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