Cultural Events

Production and promotion for festivals, events and gatherings.

↓ Examples: ClassicsNow, Wicklow County Council, The Shaking Bog &c.

The nature of events has changed hugely in recent years; we've kept pace, not stopped.

Creating a gathering is the most human thing to do - festivals, events, celebrations all on a single theme.

A Worthy Cause has worked on the production and promotion of cultural events since the early 2000s, when as part of CLAW we worked on Darklight film festival.

Since then there have been many more, each one unique.

Let's work together
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A festival is a long-term project, beginning up to a year in advance. Annual festivals will have a more regular schedule, but their exact nature has changed due to covid. But that doesn't mean they stopped.

Remaining Adaptable
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The Shaking Bog

Way With Words - a literary festival in Wicklow had a custom designed website


Even real world festivals need on online presence. Most festival sites by A Worthy Cause will offer ticket & merchandise sales, blog & podcast platforms, timetable & programme info and artist information.


Despite its death being heralded for 20 years, print is not dead yet. Every festival will have a large print requirement for flyers, programmes, merchandise, signage and more...

Way With Words - a literary festival in Wicklow had a large print requirement for programmes, schedules and information booklets

Find the correct tone. Make it appeal to the specific audience/demographic. Say just enough to generate interest. Give a clear CTA.

A Balancing Act
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