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Books, magazines, catalogues...

↓ Examples: Wicklow County Council, IOM UN, At it Again &c.

Love books.

Working on a book is a labour of love. Planning it out, templating pages and sections, choosing types, typesetting intricacies...

Laying out editorial content, as the studio for Mongrel magazine, was the first regular work for A Worthy Cause. In time the work expanded, but a love of pages of text remains.

The studio's emphasis is on craft and detail. Books and magazines require this forensic approach.

Let's work together
A Shared Table by Joe McNamee published by IOM
At It Again! Ulysses cover
At It Again! Ulysses pg 42
At It Again! Ulysses pg 43

For At It Again, A Worthy Cause was engaged as an editorial design consultant. They had a strong brand and wanted to evolve it, all spinning out from their core product - guides to Irish literature. The entire brand was rebuilt starting with the books' typography, grids and templates and working out from there.

Working with publishers

Illustrations above by Niall, text by Maite from At It Again!

Decade of Centenaries commemorative book on the war of independence in County Wicklow

A Worthy Cause recently produced a commemorative, archival book for Wicklow County Council. Combining the work of local historians across the county it tells the story of the tumultuous years from the Easter Rising to the Civil War.

An Important Historical Record
Field Day Review - editorial graphic design cover kilmainham gaol
field day review edotorial graphic design contents page typesetting

Academic writing in a lively, engaging format

Field Day
In the Ivy When I Leave - cover design for book on seamus heaney
There's a magic in the tactile nature of books
Waterland catalogue cover
Waterland catalogue text page layout
Waterland catalogue image page
Hiking article in Ireland's Outsider magazine
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