Case Study

Castle Leslie Estate

A defined style.

The body of work produced with Castle Leslie Estate is entirely different to that in the Wicklow Arts case study. It's about effective brand guardianship and visual consistency.

The emphasis is in the crafting of detail - foils, embossing, die cuts, unique sizes, swash alternates, proportional vs tabular figures. This large brand, like all others, is granular in formation.

Advertising in print and online, typesetting contracts & menus, newsletters, multimedia digital assets, colouring books, menus, product labels... The list is literally endless as new challenges arrive all the time.

And yet, every new iteration on each new platform or context must sit perfectly with all previous, ensuring an absolutely unbroken consistency. Castle Leslie Estate need to know when they request new work it will be 100% on-brand, first time.

Regular typesetting of newsletter
Screenprint poster custom illustration pricing label design
Beautiful informative poster and menu design
Beautifully crafted layouts in nostalgic timeless stylecustom illustration for equestrian hotel

"People often observe that they know a piece of print, brochure or advert is a Castle Leslie Estate one before they’ve even seen our logo or iconic building - that’s because A Worthy Cause has created a recognisable, consistent feel to all of our designs, without a cookie cutter approach"

Olivia Cannon, Head of Marketing
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