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Like any design studio founded on the idea, and love of, creative production, A Worthy Cause has developed a number of self-initiated projects through the years. These kinds of project are a powerful way of letting off steam, developing the studio's craft and practice, and getting to engage with ideas, materials and subjects that arise outside of commercial work.

Looking and telling poster art for kids
Looking and telling poster art for kids opera singer sceneLooking and telling poster art for kids castle at night sceneLooking and telling poster art for kids jungle sceneLooking and telling poster art for kids antarctic scene

Looking & Telling

Family is hugely important at A Worthy Cause, being a studio based beside home, and working flexible hours around other needs. This was brought into studio practice with a series of posters.

Designed to get young children talking, they feature narratives that can be discussed, described and created by youngsters. With lots happening in bright colours, they don't talk down with simple shapes, but give kids lots of rich detail to get lost in.

Posters are available at Looking & Telling

Woodblock Printing

A Worthy Cause's first commercial concern was a hand-built t-shirt printing setup. The whole enterprise was DIY, from the screen exposure unit to the acid bath. This work ethic, or learning on the job and creating your own tools, results in a rough and ready aesthetic filled with lovely imperfections and character. After a 15 hiatus the studio returned to this work with hand-cut woodblocks cut from plywood.

They are cut and printed, then the blocks are split apart, to be reassembled and final prints made from these.

More information on the Agency project

Reading the Alphabet

Reading and drawing are daily activities. Both are combined along with a homage to beautiful typefaces in this project, which resulted in a self-published book.

For more info on the book click here

A copy of the book can be purchased here

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