Brand Management

Details matter.

↓ Examples: RDS, Castle Leslie Estate

Organisations live & grow by their reputations & visibility.

Protecting and promoting that image with clarity and consistency in purpose in visual presentation requires delicate focus and craft. Attention to detail is key to effective brand management.

A Worthy Cause works with brands of all sizes, obsessing over everything from the smallest pixels up to campaign planning.

The organisations featured below are very different entities, showing the full service approach to brand design by the studio.

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consistent brand design across organisationconsistent brand design across organisation for display on mobile


Core services: Brand Application in print and digital design

On the larger scale, managing the brand of a huge organisation like the RDS is as much a logistical as a design challenge. There are many departments who, due to the structural organisation, work in relative independence; but they must appear in absolute unity when presented publicly.

A Worthy Cause's craft-led approach to design means every department's needs are met using the same procedural approach - developing an understanding of what is required and then bringing that to life.

The RDS requirements are mainly print, from smaller sizes such as bookmarks to large format printing to warp stages and events. This expands to longer document design such as annual reports, activities schedules.

During the pandemic an opportunity was taken to move much of this printed material to digital, requiring backgrounds, animations, digital advertising and more.

Even some of the more prominent material for recording keeping, such as the Annual Report, became an entirely digitally distributed document. This represented a conceptual hurdle for such a long-standing society, espcially one with their own library.

Details: For 10 years A Worthy Cause has worked with the RDS. The studio has provided graphic design for both print and digital across the organisation. The strategic focus stretches across all departments down to the finest details. An example of this level of detail is the use of proportional vs tabular lining figures for body text and charts vs headers and large text. These small details add up, but often go unseen.

RDS Annual report

The annual report is the flagship publication, and one that is closely read by various audiences every year.

Animated adshel advert for RDS

From tiny printed items to large trade stands and animated Adshel adverts, A Worthy Cause studio carefully crafts a consistent visual style for large clients.

Brands are no longer static monoliths

RDS Disruptors brand design


A large part of the work on  brand management with any large organisation, is in the development of sub-brands, as they expand their core business.


The RDS is an awarding authority in several areas - enterprise, equestrian acitivity, science, the arts and more. Each of these is designed as a separate programme.

RDS Spring Awards design

The RDS is a huge organisation by Irish standards with a long history. It projects to two separate spheres - members & the public. Different standards and methods apply for Castle Leslie Estate - the Estate has a longer history, of which hospitality is only the latest chapter, the blink of an eye. It has a smaller, close-knit community and is always outward facing, beyond Irish borders.

We Design to suit the job, not Ourselves
Bespoke crafted print designfor the hospitality industry in IrelandBespoke crafted print designfor the hospitality industry in Ireland mobile version

Castle Leslie Estate

Core services: Branded printed materials and products

Castle Leslie Estate is an exclusive country estate hidden away in rolling fields, pressed tight up against the Northern Ireland border. It's a beautiful place with a long and illustrious history of over 5 centuries.

As a hotel it is among the most luxurious getaway spots in Ireland. As such, everything produced in support of the business has to be of the highest quality and most impeccable finish.

Gold foils, diecuts, unbleached and uncoated card, achingly beautiful fonts and typography and lavish promotional photography form the visual language used by the estate. No compromise.

Details: A Worthy Cause began work with Castle Leslie Estate in 2014. Working as their brand guardian the studio has given the hotel a single, unified visual language.

Fighting Bishop Gin photographed in Snaffles Restaurant, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan

Taking an established brand and bringing it into a new market while retaining its core values - a 5 star country estate hotel produces gin, made from botanicals found in its grounds. It was a challenge to be relished.

Newsletter art direction for the hospitality industry in Ireland

Newsletter typesetting, layout and image curation

Fold-out road map design

Traditional-style large scale fold-out road map of the Irish border area, showing visitor attractions in relation to the hotel.

corporate literature and floorplan illustration

MICE corporate literature: meetings, conferences, incentives and exhibitions

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