Freelance Graphic Design

Hi, this is the freelance graphic design portfolio of Ronan McDonnell, from Dublin, Ireland. It is a very small sample of years of graphic design, editorial design, magazine design, logo design and web design. I am selective in the work I take on, preferring to support causes and enterprises I believe in. Click here to find out more about Ronan McDonnell and A Worthy Cause.

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Why Use A Worthy Cause?


A Worthy Cause is concept driven. "So what?" you might say; this gives you the reassururance of a solution that is both considered and stylish without being simply fashionable and throwaway.


If your project won't work or if there is a better solution - I'll tell you. If it's the best thing since sliced bread? I'll tell you that too. A good 2-way client/designer relationship is crucial for the success of a project.


Good Design should help you get your message across clearly. Every project is unique, so unlike other design studios where you get the studio style everytime, with A Worthy Cause you get what's right for YOUR project.

In Continuous Development - Projects in the Pipeline

The Draft Office

A Worthy Cause has just launched the Beta version of its web development area. Entitled The Draft Office, it will be a future testing grounds for pre-launch clients' sites.

Unique in the world of design, this offers clients a Try-Before-You-Buy experience.

The Papers of Inquiry

A Compendium of The Inquisition.

A paperback version of the surprisingly popular website journal, which I maintain. Currently being edited, it will hopefully be available before Christmas some year in the future sometime.